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Lunar New Year Wreath

Tipo de proyecto

Paper crafting


December 2021



Here is project made to represent the main chliches and motifs of the Lunar New Year. Using traditional elements and trying to replicate the traditional paper cutting. The year 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger. The Tiger is a symbol of strength, power, and braveness. Generally, inspires fear and respect. The Tiger will guard, keep and protect what is around. So, the Tiger at the center of the wreath will protect the coming spring represented in the plum blossoms; they also symbolize perseverance and hope, as well as beauty thriving in adverse circumstances. 9 plum blossoms around the wreath in different sizes so the eye can move around all the elements. Other symbols protected by the Tiger are the double happiness expected to be in the house on the right and the wealth and prosperity on the left. The Tiger is in front of the four blessings to keep them safe. At the bottom hanging is the Fu character, which means good fortune; hanging upside down as a meaning of that good fortune is coming or pouring into the house. The Chinese characters at the top of Happy Year of the Tiger are on the yellow banner to contrast with the red background, and on the bottom of the wreath, the year 2022. I decided to use a more modern approach and create a more dimensional wreath by using different layers in the elements and by creating a popup-style tiger and flowers that are built besides learning about the importance and the meaning of each detail in a traditional very different from mines, Research, and consistency. Elements should be Similar in shape and strokes.

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