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Cosset brand development and Packaging

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Abril 2022

Cosset is a fresh bubbly brand that evokes the freshness of the tropical jungle. Cosset means "to care for and protect in an overindulgent way."

The brand was created to care for the environment and nature by showing its beauty and colors. We want our consumers to be immersed in the tropical jungle. To get involved with it so they can relate to and care for it.

In Cosset, we want to create a moment where consumers can get away from their routine to enjoy themselves and their surroundings. It is the space that will be by your side all day. For Cosset, the connection between one and everything around us is essential, so we want to create a unique experience where everybody can feel the warmth and have the space to indulge themselves. Take care of yourself while you take care of the environment.

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