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Animal Moves Branding and Brandbook

Type of project

Logo development and branded content


October 2021

Animal Moves Brand is inspired by the intense exercise of functional training programs such as 54D, Commando, and others. It was essential to convey the message of dynamism and movement. It had to be powerful. Black, as the primary color, helps to show a sense of power. Orange is a vibrant color, combining red's passion and energy and the friendliness and fun of yellow. Orange represents motivation, a positive attitude, and enthusiasm. In contrast with black, orange makes an eye-catching combination that makes the eye look.

The animal selected is the jaguar. It is the most powerful feline in the world. It is aggressive and has a very stylish silhouette. When the jaguar takes action, its movements are quick and brutal—the kind of movements you do during functional training. The geometrization of the jaguar was used to complement the communication of strength. I was trying to move away from other existing brands that also use felines in their logos by using a different perspective of the jump. The view I chose shows not only the jump but also the face. Not in an aggressive way, but showing the action. A thick outline makes the silhouette of the jaguar heavier on the eye. After different attempts with shapes on the outer of the jaguar, I decided that it was overwhelming the animal and that it was not necessary.

The main typography is "Third Rail" hand-drawn typography slanted to the side. It has a similar profile in the lines as the jaguar. Meanwhile, the secondary typography, "Oswald Bold," is a sans serif bold typography very straight that balances with the diagonal of the Third Rail. It is solid and heavy, which gives support to the whole logo.

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