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Chinatown Storytelling Centre Exhibition "Raised in Chinatown"

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January 2023



On the News

2023 RGD Student Award Winner Entro Award for Placemaking Design

The Chinatown Storytelling in Vancouver had a special exhibit that showed the lives of children between 1920 and 1960. At a time when their parents wanted to create a life for them, the children and youth would create a vibrant community. The approach avoids Chinese stereotypes, focusing on the unique experiences of Chinese Canadians while embracing community celebration. The concept, design, and build were in the team. The concept development, graphic design, and exhibition were designed with Hanseul Jo and Fernanda Zaina.

Curated by April Liu. Instructor and led by Scot Geib. Built was in a team led by Joe Gallaccio and the whole second-year students of Design Formation at Langara.

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